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Home, where we grew up, holds an iconic status. It is a place that defines us. That shapes us. It gives us an identity and makes us distinct. A home is our place within an environment and it holds us in constant conversation with each other.
Jo was recently awarded a residency at the Joan Mitchell Center in New Orleans, 2018. She was awarded a DCASE Individual Artist grant to start research into this project in 2016.




A dark and unorthodox adventure where two broken people fall in love and change the course of life after death forever.




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ME YOU US THEM by Andrea Lepcio
Two B-Boys find each other in a vacant lot, while a woman sits alone at her desk searching for answers on the Internet. Another B-boy arrives in the lot and an explosive connection is made between the boys and the woman’s Avatar.   Bound by a search for the Center of Things, the four new friends invent the ultimate battle plan.